ZAČÍNAME OD 25.9. – 22.12.2023






PRIPRAVILI SME PRE VÁS NASLEDUJÚCE KURZY, ktoré sa budú konať v týchto úrovniach:

Courses in 2023
25.9. – 22. 12. 2023

Chinese Language Courses: This course is aimed at people from all walks of
life and provides language training courses at all levels from primary to
advanced Chinese. There are 5 levels of courses available:

Level 1:
Monday and Wednesday 17:00-18:30
The participants are expected to understand and use of Chinese pronunciation system (Pinyin);
have a basic understanding of Chinese language and its structure; perform basic greetings and
expressions for daily communication; acquire a sense of China’s contemporary culture;
recognize and write up to 100 Chinese characters.
Cost: 180euro / 44 hours (twice per week)

Level 2:

Tuesday and Thursday 17:00-18:30
The participants are expected to acquire more pronunciation rules and skills for different
words and sentences so as to develop a correct feel for Chinese language ; accumulate
authentic Chinese sentences and phrases based on various life themes and topics; have deep
understanding about Chinese characters knowledge on different character types; have
discussion and communication concerning Chinese culture. The final goal aims to pass HSK 2
Cost: 180 euro / 44 hours (twice per week)

Level 3:
Monday and Wednesday 17:00-18:30
This course aims at enhancing their speaking skill to present personal narratives and discuss
topics on Chinese culture, such as Chinese holidays, habits and free time, etc. The final goal
aims to pass HSK 3 exam.
Cost: 180 euro / 44 hours (twice per week)

Level 4:
Tuesday and Thursday 17:00-18:30
This course is designed to help refine the presentation skills, to help make a smooth transition
between colloquial Chinese and writing Chinese. Discussion, debate, and presentation are
important components of the class. The final goal aims to pass HSK 4 exam.
Cost: 180 euro / 44hours (twice per week)

Level 5:
Monday and Wednesday 17:00-18:30
This course involves the reading and discussion of longer texts and extensive knowledge of
Chinese culture, and is designed to develop comprehensive Chinese learning ability. The final
goal aims to pass HSK 5 exam.
Cost: 180 euro / 44 hours (twice per week)

Chinese Calligraphy course:

This course would suit students with an interest in Chinese calligraphy art. A practical
introduction to the art of Chinese writing will be conducted. Students will learn the
fundamentals of brush writing and learn how to write some simple Chinese characters.
Chinese language proficiency or prior Chinese brush-writing skills are not prerequisites.

Time: Tuesday 16:30-18:00
Location: Confucius Institute in Bratislava
Cost: 20 euro / once per week

Kontakt na čínske lektorky, ohľadne konania kurzov:
Song Bing: lovesong0937@163.com
Tel.: +421944230013

Huang Mengru: huangmr929@163.com
Tel.: +421944391524

Li Zhuoyi: 13703992068@163.com
Tel.: +34681198358

 Poplatok za semester  (180,- eur), zašlite na účet Konfuciovho inštitútu v Bratislave: 

 IBAN: SK 90 1100 0000 0026 2547 6059 

Prihláškový formulár zašlite vyplnený na mail: konfuciov.institut@gmail.com